About KSMU

Kursk State Medical University was established in 1935. In its past years KSMU has improved  it’s  teaching process organization, developed the scientific potential and clinical health care, reinforced the physical and technical resources. The University has become well-known not only in the country but also around the globe. With a sound history of producing outstanding doctors. Known by the name of higher institute, In 1994 KSMU was awarded the status of a university. Currently Kursk State Medical University is a multi-profile medical university and a medical educational and cultural centre Russian Federation. It’s all because of the contributions and efforts of our professors, teachers, staff members and off course our beloved students. Our fully competent medical professionals who dedicate their lives to promotion of educational and professional excellenceof future doctors , have made us proud.

In 2004 by the decision of the independent public council “European quality” KSMU is listed in the top 100 universities and top 10 medical universities in Russia. The organizational structure and the physical and technical base of the university are ever growing. Today the university comprises:

1.Library with a collection of more than 500000 copies of books, journal and scientific publications.

2.Research Institute of Ecological Medicine.

3.Four consulting and diagnostic policlinics.

4.Medical institute.

5.Four academic buildings.

6.Eight comfortable student hostels(including 4 hostels for foreign students)

7.Three sport halls.

8. A photo gallery.

9. 2 canteens, a student mess  and buffets in the academics buildings and hostels.

10.Student Gym.

The university is  licenced by the Ministry of general and professional education,Russian Federation, to conduct educational activity. Postgraduate education is realized with internship, residency training and clinical postings in respective disciplines of speciality. Training of doctors  is provided in 4 super-specialities of doctorate level.

Kursk State Medical University has trained over 25000 specialists. The studies are   offered at 14 different specialities. With Annual intake of  700 students from Russia, Brazil, Portugal, India, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Peru, South America, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico and 20 more countries from around the globe, More than 5000 students are trained at 67 departments. The academic staff of 670 specialists comprises 102 D.Sc. and 343 Ph.D., 2 honoured scientists of the Russian Federation, 2 honoured workers of higher education of the Russian Federation, 1 honoured social worker of the Russian Federation, 14 honoured physicians of the Russian Federation, 32 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian academies and  international fellowship holders.

The syllabus and the contents of the educational process have changed, up-to-date methods of instruction and knowledge assessment are continuously improved. Studies are equipped with multimedia and virtual lectures, seminars, symposium, computer technologies for training, electronic maniquienes for clinical understanding are different kinds of testing,  knowledge assessment and rating. The KSMU  centre for information technologies of training is the main centre for practical and clinical training which acts as the centre of quality management for the department of arts and humanitarian education, interdepartmental teaching using display classes internet-classes.  The training and practicals are based on the implementation of the research results and innovative multimedia technologies, initiated by the Department for administration of innovative activity of the university. Principally our new information and teaching environment promotes achievement of educational goals and improving the training quality of graduates. The university concluded agreements on cooperation with the leading medical institutions of the Europe, Great Britain, China, India, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Singapur, Ukraine, and Belarus, . KSMU was the first the medical  institution to start course in English medium which  enabled us  to train more than  1000 students from 5 countries which has expanded to a capacity of 5000 students from 40 countries across the world.

In the academic base of the university, there are 12 scientific schools and colleges, numerous scientific laboratories, 5 councils for defending Ph.D. and D.Sc. theses, Central – Black Earth Centre of RAMS. The university scientists have won recognition both in Russia and throughout the world. Our scientists are the authors of two scientific discoveries. Research and practical herald “Human Health” which was included in 2007 into the list of publications of the Ph.D. theses investigation results on the recommendation of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. Annually our university organizes traditional instructional and methodical conferences, international and  All-Russia and regional scientific conferences, scientific sessions and forums of the student science congress with subsequent publications of the research results, clinical seminars, CMEs and Scientific Olympiads.

The Kursk State Medical University is a medico-preventive, medico-diagnostic and consultative centre of medical innovative technologies in practical and clinical health care system. The academic staff of the clinical departments explain the methods of realization of the priority national project “Health” in the region. Academic qualities of KSMU are hard to fir into a paragraph.